Jordan Valley Cancer Center

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Project Description

The mechanical system serving this 23,400 SF facility is designed with two dual fuel hot water boilers which burn both natural gas and fuel oil.  The boilers serve the building heat as well as it’s domestic water heating needs.  Packaged roof top units with DX cooling and high efficiency filtration have their fans controlled by variable frequency drives.  Ductwork distribution systems pass through VAV terminal boxes with reheat coils to each control zone in the facility.  The linear accelera tor area is also humidified through steam dispersion tubes in the duct system.  An air cooled chiller is piped to the linear accelera tor for equipment cooling.  Medical oxygen and vacuum are piped to wall outlets throughout the building.  Plumbing fixtures include those for restrooms, exam sinks, water coolers, and sinks and roof drains.  Direct digital control systems are tied in to the owners central system.

* Winner of the 2017 Generative Space Award (The CARITAS Project).