U of U Williams Office Building, Various Upgrades

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Project Description

As the Mechanical Engineering Firm for the project, we began a 4 year phased upgrade that encompassed approximately 280,000 SF of office, cafeteria, computer and support space.  The goal of the project was to remodel and update the 20-year old facility to accommodate existing and new tenants.  All mechanical controls were upgraded or replaced to be incorporated in to a Direct Digital Control (DDC) System.  Several air handling units with variable air volume terminals were retrofitted and/or replaced to enable remote control and monitoring of space temperature and system operations.

The building required some chiller replacements, boiler replacements, heat exchange additions, cooling tower retrofits and controls upgrade to optimize systems efficiency and provide 100% back-up capacity to the building which was required due to some critical tenant functions that must run without interruption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.